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Sri Yagam in NJ

Sri Yagam in NJ

Viswa Santhi Sri Yagam, for World Peace and Prosperity, was performed under the guidance of HH Sri Swamiji from July 23rd to August 1st 2010. Sri Yagam was a Nine day event, attended by many people from all over USA. 108 Ruthwicks (Vedic scholars) performed the Ya:gam. It had 33 Kundas of which 27 Kundas represent 27 Nak- shathras (birth stars) because every person belongs to one of the 27 Nakshahtras, every person who participated in this Ya:gam could get their Nakshathra Santhi and ultimately enjoy good results. 4 Kundas representing 4 Vedas, and 2 altars for Sri and Lakshmi Narayana Swami. Ishti Homams were performed for good health, wealth, education, children, ancestors, success in all endeavors, and for eliminating planetary impediments.

We had built a huge Ya:ga sa:la for this purpose which is unique. The entire Ashram was filled with Veda mantras. Along with Vedas, the scholars also chanted Ramayana, Bha:gavatham and Bhagavad Gi:ta. For the nine days, there was akhanda (non-stop) “Hare Rama, Hare Krishna” chanting. Sri Swamiji gave Pravachanams (discourses) every day about the grace of Lord, Ishti Homams, and topics from Vedic scriptures. There were cultural programs by local artists and from all around the world. Every evening, there was procession of the Lord around the Asramam, and everyone participated with devotion.

Sri Ya:gam was never conducted at such a large scale before, anywhere outside India. We were very fortunate to get an opportunity like this at our Asramam. Ever since, we feel the good vibrations in Jeeyar Asramam.

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