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Sri Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji

The ardent torchbearer of Sri Vaishnava tradition- Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji was the spirit who brought back the ideals of Sri Ramanuja to life in the 20th century surmounting caste and creed. Himself a patriot, he supported freedom fighters in many respects.He was the key integrator of people considered traditionally as low class into the main fold of the society. They were taught divine rituals followed at temples for conducting poojas. Some of them were elevated even to the post of priesthood, a revolutionary act well ahead of times in 1930s. He renovated centuries old temples that were in ruins and brought Sri Vaishnavites under one umbrella. Even leading atheists changed their perspective after meeting him and felt a sense of atonement. His faith in Vedas is so strong that he was able to provoke rains and stop the showers with havan for the wellbeing of all living beings.He was one of the greatest scholars to give definition on yajnas-the actions and sastras-the knowledge.

Chinna Jeeyar- A glimpse into his Holiness

Born as one of the brightest sparks on the colorful festival of Deepavali, the widely celebrated festival throughout India, His Holiness Chinna Jeeyar has upheld the spiritual the Vedic knowledge by establishing and nourishing spiritual institutions across the world. With utmost sincerity and dedication, students are taught six of the eleven existing Vedic branches to inculcate traditional and moral values, paving the way for them to emerge as Vedic scholars of distinction. Swamiji has always strived for the communal harmony and welfare of the public by embarking upon diversified yatras and performing havans. He has played a preceptor’s role in building reputed educational institutions for the needy and providing better healthcare through the establishment of sophisticated medical institutions.

“Sri Ramanuja’s doctrine of equality propelled me to take up the life’s mission of constructing this Statue of Equality-an equality of gender, caste, religions and race in the benevolence of the Almighty.

Serve all beings as Service to god – instilled the altruistic spirit in me and shape my outlook towards the world. It is a magnanimous feat of Sri Ramanuja to break open the shackles of caste system when it was ingrained deeply into the hearts of people, centuries ago.

Worship you own, resect all – needs to be the intrinsic part of one’s life for a peaceful world. Bringing forth Sri Ramanuja’s doctrine of selfless service to the universal attention and propagating his ideals for the betterment of the society is a divine call of the conscience with the blessings of my GURU. His steadfast principles captivated me to envisage this mission to be accomplished for his 1000th birth anniversary in 2017, realizing it for a divine person who played a monumental role in diminishing disparities among humans.”

Sri Ramanuja- A Saint Nonpareil 

Heavenly Stars rarely descend on Earth. Sri Ramanuja was one of the spiritual boons to show the path of divinity to the people.  Born in Sriperumbudur, in 1017 A.D. He pioneered social and spiritual reform in public life and dispelled confusion created in the society.  He steered back Vedic interpretation to the right course and made them available to commoner. He was a saint who combined  devotion and dedication for the upliftment of the human race. He was against the prevailing caste hegemony and applied tilak to thousands of untouchables, lifting them on par with the rest of the classes. Not caring for the pains of naraka he disclosed the sacred mantra to the masses crossing certain limits imposed during those times. Delighted guru titled him with the coveted “ Em-perum- anar” you are ahead of us. Sri Ramanuja named subjugated classes as Thirukkulathar-race of auspices.

Statue of Equality

The universe we inhabit is for each and everyone of the beings created by the Almighty. The pancha bhoothas or the five elements-earth, water, fire, air and sky, create a viable atmosphere for our existence. Each form of nature is indispensable in it own right for the humans to conduct  their life in peace. Likewise the caste system deeply enmeshed in the society is just for the social good terms of one’s professional and not to indiscriminate the fellow beings. The weeds of inequality have to be eradicated and the seeds of universal equality need to be sown in the human minds. The conditions appear ripe no with the impending arrival of Sri Ramanuja’s millennium for the restoration of rights to all human beings regardless of their birth. The statue of equality is the natural raison d’etre of the moment to serve as the paragon of equality. Statue of equality is a millennial commemoration to unfurl our egalitarian flag and be united for the millenniums to come.

Sri Ramanuja- The facets & His Tenets of  Life

  • People who don’t have concern for fellow human beings are the ones to be termed as untouchables.
  • Everybody is born equal in the eyes of Almighty.
  • Temples are the centers to inculcate the principle of equality. People from all walks of life bow before God here, and learn respecting each other. Temples provided room for every skill and profession to flourish hence, temple should be maintained properly by the rulers under the guidance of scholars.
  • Unfathomable and the unswerving faith in Almighty in the only way to overcome all the obstacles.
  • Understand the difference between faith and false beliefs through sastras.
  • Sincerity and dedication while serving Guru would bear the best of fruits.
  • Nature is the divine form of Almighty. Every beautiful thing reminds His presence in it. Hence, do not hate anything. Respect every aspect of nature.
  • Every athma has potential and divinity with the presence of Almighty. Hence, Worship you own … Respect all.
  • There is only one God. Athmas are innumerable. Nature hosts them both and forms of devathas, humans, animals, plants, and inert depending upon the karmic records of Athmas.
  • Surrender to God and dedicate all your deeds as His service.
  • Be ready to face any eventuality while you are in the service of God or His devotees. God then stands for you.
  • The holy vedas are unquestionable authority in deciding all about God, the nature of Athmas and the ways of life.
  • The ultimate purpose of gaining knowledge is to translate in into perfect action.
  • Knowledge that ripened turns into love towards Almighty. That love begets selfless service.


The virtues of Sri Ramanuja need to be made a reality to succeed in eliminating the disparities based on birth. It is a common cause for every single person professing the desire in creating a society of servitude.

The inauguration of the statue would psychologically instill hope and liberate every spirit belonging to the extended community. A contribution to this cause becomes a contribution to the social reawakening among the universal brotherhood.It also stengthens the patriotisim lying deep within us.

Our nations’ pledge declares that all citizens are brothers and sisters. The distressing fact is that we are still staying within the narrow walls erected in our minds. It is time we unshackle and come together to take our country to great heights.

There are many vulnerable hearts that can fall for false beliefs. With the guiding spirit of Sri Ramanuja the gullible minds have to be saved-one of the causes for which he assiduously worked throughout his life. Superstitions are still prevalent not only among the illiterate but also among the learned. Centuries ago, Sri Ramanuja had withered such practices. Our ancestors had a genuine reason behind every deed that became part of the customs and rituals of present day. Ignorant of the facts, few individuals have made it an object of ridicule.

We need to create an intellectual repository of precious works orientation and emphasis on our ancient traditions. Most of the ground-breaking scripts containing advanced discoveries and panacea for problems faced by people were either vandalized or lost over centuries. The project would be a leitmotif for revitalizing and presenting the hidden treasures of knowledge to the public domain.

It is an established fact that Vedic civilization was far ahead of the rest of the world. Sri Ramanuja’s project would serve as a springboard in bringing back the prosperity of the people and the profound knowledge of those times. A million minds can spring life into the project for a saint who dedicated his entire life the cause of humanity. A million hands can joins together in creating a millennial feat for one of the greatest sages of the millennium.

The noble patrons of this mission will have their names etched on the walls as part of the project in the site. It would be a blessing for eternity to take part in this magnificent mission of spiritual significance. Let us create history in this digital age by joining hands in creating this STATUE OF EQUALITY for the coming generations.

Significant features of the Statue

Complete height of the statue of Sri Ramanuja is around 216 feet. The statue is perceived as a symbol of triumph of a noble being who reached towering heights throughout his conditions to mankind, guidance towards the Almighty and promotion of equality.

World renowned manufacturers having expertise in making statues of mammoth size will make the statue in China. The completed edifice would be later shipped to India for installation.

The Viswakarmas- The Architects of the project

After thoroughly scouring the entire country for skilled artisans, the best of Sthapathis from their fraternity have come aboard this sacred project. The deft hands that worked on the prestigious projects of spiritual significance have come together to architect the same. They have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the intricate details specified in the sastras. Every sculpture to be built would be in conformance with the culture and tradition.

The Statue of Equality-Purpose

  • Take forward the responsibility of sanctifying the society off taboos.
  • Not just to break the fetters of human inequality, but also to serve as an abode of faith.
  • To dethrone discrimination, still rampant over the centuries and to push it into the history.
  • To strengthen the universal brotherhood.
  • To preserve our culture and tradition.
Features Around The Statue

  • A hall of exhibits – A hall of live exhibits will be created with inspiring incidents of Sri Ramanuja’s life made of animatronics and in virtual reality.
  • Amphitheatre – An open air Amphitheatre will be in the premises for people to experience various performances and cultural activities.
  • A theatre-Omnimax – An Omnimax theatre will play religious films and showcase the spiritual aspect of our traditions.
  • Library – A well-stocked library containing rich sastras and scientific facts from a Vedic perspective will quench the seeker’s quest for knowledge, connecting the world containing the Vaishnavite literature in most common languages available.
  • Anjaneya And Garuda Statues – In accordance with the age-old traditions and established sastras pertinent to temple construction, the vigrahas of Anjaneya and Garuda will be welcoming all the visitors preparing for the great experience.
  • The 108 Divya Desas Encircling the Statue – The fact that the 108 sacred divya desas exist in miniature form at a single place enables everyone every one to receive the blessings of different form of Sri Mahavishnu. The replica of deities of all the divya desas to be consecrated at the site would be taken in the procession from the original kshetrams, after performing the necessary rituals. It is an extraordinary feature having all the replicas of 108 divya desas in a single site- truly a divine sight to behold. The poojas for all the deities installed at the location will be performed daily with all the reverence. It is a befitting aspect to have the deities encircling the statue of a great saint who showed the presence of Almighty.
“ Yada: Yada: hi dharmasyagla: nir bhavathi bha: ratha! Abhyuuttha: nam adharmasysthada: thma:nam sruja: myaham”
-Whenever dharma is declined, O Bharatha! and unrighteousness is one rise, I send jnani who is my Athma.
“ Parithra: na: ya Sa: dhu:mvina: sa:ya cha dushkrutha: m dharmasamsttha: pana: rttha: yasambhana: mi yuge: yuge:”
-To protect good, to uproot the wicked and to establish righteousness, I take birth in every era.
Sarva Desa Dasa Kaleshu Avyahata Parakrama |
Ramanuja Arya Divyajna Vardhatam Abhivardhatam ||

In all directions, countries & times May Ramanujas Edict be followed without any breaks and may it be growth
This should spread to all corners of the world and aid in world welfare.

We are in the age where the invincible Supreme has to manifest to defend against invisible perils faced by mankind. It becomes an apparent truth that we need to rise up collectively and guard our citadel of culture and tradition with the invocations of God.
A musical tribute to Ra:ma:nuja will be conducted as part of his 1000th year birthday celebrations. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in the millennium celebrations to learn, sing and play the melodious and heart-warming songs of Ra:ma:nuja. These songs will be delivered by 1000 singers/musicians together in 2016 in USA and again in 2017 in India to bring out the glory of Sri Ra:manuja.

Abiding by the principle of Samthva (equality), Ra:ganjali unites everyone into one common objective of surfacing the glory of Sri Ra:manuja through music. All are welcome to participate in this wonderful opportunity to learn and sing in the millennium celebrations.

Several songs were composed by numerous devotees and set to music by highly acclaimed music directors and singers, Sri Ramachary including. The songs are composed in light music and can be learnt by anyone with some basics in music. Free classes to teach the songs via Skpye and in person are on going.

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