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This whole month we worship Sri Mahalakshmi, especially on Fridays. On the second Friday (Aug 28th) we all do varalakshmi vratham. Her name is “Shree” the one who listens to us, purifies us by removing our Do:sha:s, tells parama:thma: about us, makes him shower his grace on us to always be with him, to bless us when we reach him. 

Aug 16, 2015: Sunday
Goda Amma Vari Thirunakshatram

Significance – This month started with the Tirumakshathram of Sri A:nda:l the incarnation of mother earth. We worship her with Abhishe:kam, Archana, Prabandha chanting, hearing about her glory. All the de:vatha:s , Rushi:s, & great Devotees wish to take the remaining (Used by him, like Chandana, vastra, pushpa, Kunkuma , ti:rtha prasa:da:lu Etc) of parama:thma as prasa;dam, but para:mathma himself wished to enjoy the Garland used by her. Scholars say her Tiruppa:vai (30 songs in Dravida language) is the seed form of entire vedic knowledge (Ve:damanaittukkum vitta:gum)
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Aug 19, 2015: Wednesday
Garuda panchami

Significance – We worship Sri: Garuda , the vehicle of Sri: Maha:vishnu (Means Ve:da himself, that brings parama:thma: grace near us). He is the son of Vinatha:, he brought Amruta Kalasa from heaven to save his mother from slavery, and got highest position in the world – Vishnu Va:hana, with her blessings. In Prajna: classes, we have his story in “Ma:thru Devo:bhava” book. Once Indra attacked him with his Vajra:yudha, it didnt have any effect, but to respect it, Garuda: left one feather. By this story we can imagine his strength. Once Indrajith tied Ra:ma & Lakshmana: with Na:ga pa:sha:s, they fell in the battle field. Even the de:vatha:s couldn’t release them. Garuda: came and all the serpents fled. He touched them, as they woke up their abilities doubled. On this day we do “Vainate:ya ishti”. Worshiping him not only removes Ka;lasrpa:di Ja;taka do:sha:s, gives good children, but also makes us great servants to the lord.

Aug 21, 2015: FridayLakshmi-230x300_f_improf_230x300
Sra:vana Sukravaram

Aug 26, 2015: Wednesday

Aug 28, 2015: Friday
Sra:vana Sukravaram
Varalakshmi puja

Aug 29, 2015: Saturday
Sra:vana purnima

Sri Hayagri:va Jayanthi
Significance – Haya+Gri:va – horse faced lord.  Parama;thma: incarnated in this form through sacrificial fire on this day to give vedic knowledge to Bramhade:va  again. Before this also lord taught Ve:da to four headed Bramha, because of Ashradhdha: of him, Asura:s called Madhu and Kaitabha, stole the Ve:dic Knowledge and hid in rasa;talam. Lord Hayagri:va went to Rasa:talam, defeated them with his neighing, saved the Ve:das and gave them to Bramhade:va on this day. He is the embodiment of Knowledge and joy. A small amount of his grace made Bhamhade;va, goddess Saraswathi, Dakshina:mu:rthi, Bruhaspathi , Vedavya:sa great. Everyone should worship lord Hayagri:va to became great in any branch of Knowledge. Hayagri:va sto:thram of Sri Veda:ntha Desika is very famous and powerful prayer of this lord. All our JET centers performed Hayagri:va Homam or Pu:ja.

Significance – Rugve:di:s Celebrate Upa:karma on 28th and Yajurve:di:s on 29th. Yearly once they do pra:yashchitta:s for the mistakes they committed knowingly,unknowingly in daily rituals of the whole year.They worship sages of their lineage with Pu:ja: , Japa, Homa, Tarpana:s and start their educational year near their Guru.  

Sept 1, 2015: Tuesday
Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swami Vari Thirunakshatram

Significance – Tirunakshathram of Our parama:cha:rya  HH Sri: Peddajeeyar Swamiji. A:cha:ya means the one that understands Vedic scriptures, Practice those and uplifts mankind by spreading that knowledge and practice throughout their life. All Scholars praise him as incarnation of Sri: Bhagavad Ra:ma:nu:ja. Devotees do Pa:duka: abhishe;kam, Ashto:ttara Satana:ma pu:ja, take Pa:da ti:rtham, share the glory of HH. Stothra called “Tridandi Vimsati” from Sri:pathi Stutima:la describes the glory of Parama:cha:rya. one should chant it all the time to become dearest of lord.

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Sept 4, 2015: Friday
Sra:vana Sukravaram

Sept 6, 2015: Sunday
Krishna Ashtami

Significance – How should a person live and behave. How should they let happiness & sadness, looses & gains affect their lives, The Bhagavad Gita teaches us all these things. Sri Krishna made Arjuna his “excuse” to present the great Gita to us. Thus he became Jagadaacharyaa. Sri:krushna Janma:shtami is on Sept 5th (according to Smartha Samprada:ya ) and 6th (according to Sri;vaishnava Samprada:ya) Lord Sri:krushna, Beloved of all, came to this earth to attract us with his mischievous acts and enlighten us with Bhagavad geetha. Because he was born at night, we do Birth celebrations in the evening. We worship him, sing his glory,offer varieties of Prasa;dams like Ka:yam, Ghee Sweets, especially butter and milk products. Utti Uthsav (Pot braking ceremony) Do:lo:thsav (Cradle ceremony) are main attractions.

Sept 9, 2015: Wednesday

Sept 11, 2015: Friday
Sra:vana Sukravaram

Sept 7, 2015: Monday
Ardra Nakshatram
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