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In Ma:gha Masam it is recomended to do Adithya Hrudayam everyday.ratha-sapthami-300x200_f_improf_300x200

February 14, 2016: Sunday
Ratha Sapthami — Adithya Hrudayam 11 times

SignificanceLord Sri Rama prayed to Sun god by chanting A:ditya Hrudayam, overcame fatigue and got the strength to defeat Ravana.

Chanting A:ditya Hrudayam destroys all the enemies and brings victory and never ending supreme bliss. It guarantees complete prosperity and bestows longevity. It destroys of sin, anxiety, and anguish. Those who recite A:ditya Hrudayam will overcome danger, affliction and fear. Click here to listen to A:ditya Hrudayam chanting by HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

February 18, 2016: Thursday
Bheeshma E:ka:dasi / Vishnu Sahasranama Jayanthi – It is recomended to do Vishnu Sahasranamam 11 times

Significance After the Maha:bha:ratha war, Lord Sri Krushna took Pandavas to Bhishmacha:rya who was on the bed of arrows. Dharmaraja asked Bhishmacha:rya to tell him the greatest of all secrets that liberates all beings from this cycle of births and deaths, and fulfills all wishes.

With the blessings from Sri Krushna, Bhishmacha:rya said, chanting the divine names of the almighty lord Srimannarayana with love and devotion, will remove sadness and sins. It helps in fulfilling our wishes in this world, as well as achieving the highest happiness, salvation. On this auspicious Eka:dasi day, Bheeshmacha:rya gave us Sri Vishnu Sahasrana:ma Sto:tram, the greatest dharma of all. Click here  to listen to Sri Vishnu Sahasrana:ma chanting by HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

February 19, 2016: Friday
Kulasekharalwar Thirunakshatram

February 22, 2016: Monday
Madha Purnima

March 5, 2016: Saturday

March 7, 2016: Monday
Maha Shiva Rathri