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JET New Jersey currently offers 10 Prajna modules, starting with Module 1 and going up to Module 10 plus two other special modules for older kids (10 years and above that can recite slokas clearly) and Teenagers. These two modules are Teenage-1 & 2.  All Prajna modules begin with a 10 minute introductory Yoga session.

In addition some centers also offer Language (Telugu, Hindi & Sanskrit) classes and Music & Yoga and Dance classes. Please note that not all centers offer all the classes listed here. Only the Jeeyar Asramam Center offers all classes listed. Please contact the center directly for the schedule and classes offered.

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Module 1 – Towards Excellence
Module 2 – Twilight Prayers
Module 3
Module 4 – A Voyage Towards Victory! (Arjuna Visha:da Yo:gaha)
Module 5 – ABCs of Bliss (Sa:nkhya Yo:gaha)

Module 6

Module 7

Module 8

Module 9

Module 10