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JET U.S.A. Inc. Registered

JET U.S.A. Inc. Registered

H.H Sri Swamiji visited USA to bless the devotees who were living far away from their Spiritual mother land. There are a number of Indian families residing in USA who wish to lead their life in the ‘Bha:rathi:ya’ way and expect their children to follow spiritually rich Bharathiya tradition and culture rather than the freelance foreign culture. In order to spread the Divine Fragrance of Vedic Culture, all over the world, the technologically developed countries like USA are still in the beginning stage, though they have realized the greatness of these Vedas. On their invitation, HH visited USA to revitalize the latent spiritual commitment and channelise it in the Vedic way, in those people who are building and supporting so many temples and doing so many Yagnas and Yagas.

During 1994, 1995,1996,1997,1998, 2001 HH Sri Swamiji was invited to US for various programs and spiritual retreats were also conducted. JET U.S.A. Inc. was incorporated in 1994, in the State of Illinois as, a Non Profit Organization, to look after the JET activities in USA. Due to vast communication facilities provided by the latest technologies, there were chats, group discussions and discourses on-line being conducted quite frequently. JET U.S.A. Inc. took part in many service activities during natural calamities occurred in India. After, WTO attack in Washington, JET U.S.A. Inc. has also contributed a sizeable amount for the sake of the sufferers.

The main objectives of the trust are:

  • To organize conferences, seminars, debates, congregate scholars etc., periodically for a fruitful interaction in order to inculcate right perception about the Vedic knowledge, vis-a-vis the knowledge of modern science and technology.
  • To establish and develop a library containing authentic texts on the Vedas and allied subjects in print as well as in the form of manuscripts, audio cassettes, videos, microfilms and also to sustain the practice of regular chanting of the Vedas by a group of Vedic pandit’s.
  • To establish a documentation center wherein the relevant information and the activities of various Vedic centers and the work done by the scholars and researcher’s are systematically documented and published in the form of periodicals for the seekers.
  • To conduct summer schools for inculcating time tested ancient Vedic culture, way of life, yoga etc., by pundits from India to the interested devotee family members & children.


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