HH Sri Swamiji USA Visit

Goda Kalyanam


Heavenly Stars rarely descend on Earth. Sri Ramanuja was one of the spiritual boons to show the path of divinity to the people. He pioneered social and spiritual reform in public life and dispelled confusion created in the society.  He steered back Vedic interpretation to the right course and made them available to commoner. 

The universe we inhabit, is for each and everyone of the beings created by the Almighty. The weeds of inequality have to be eradicated and the seeds of universal equality need to be sown in the human minds. The Statue Of Equality, being built in India is the natural raison d’etre of the moment to serve as the paragon of equality. 


JET USA Inc. propagates the Vedic essence for the benefit of humanity. Do consider us for your contributions.


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